Frequently asked questions

Please find the answers to some frequently asked questions below. Contact us if you have any questions that are not listed.

What is CyberGamer?

CyberGamer is an online video gaming site that runs ladders, leagues, tournaments and more. We have been running since 2007. Our australian site can be viewed here.

How does it work?

For a simple monthly fee we will host your website for you running CyberGamer's software. Your site will have access to all the features listed on the features page. If there are additional features that you require please contact us. You can then focus on staffing and managing your website.

Do I need to own my own website domain?

Yes, you must own your own domain and either forward the A record for the domain/subdomain to our servers or if you don't require email addresses, you can just update your DNS details to point to our servers. We can help you do this.

Do you offer Anti-Cheat?

We do not currently offer the use of CGAC on white label, we will do this in the future.

Do you have any other designs/templates?

We are working on additional themes/templates for CG white label, for now the only option is the main CG theme. You can customize the colours and some of the layout.

What will the up-time of our site be?

For the standard package your website is hosted with the main CyberGamer website. Any issue that takes the CG site down will very likely affect your site as well. Further there will be the occasional short maintenance window, these will be advertised in advance. If you require dedicated hosting please contact us.