White Label Features

CyberGamer has been operating for nearly 10 years, in that time we've developed many customizable features and services. We're offering you the use of our advanced software. Find a brief overview of some our features below.


Contact us if you have any questions about our features.


Ladder System

Run your own ladders, allowing an unlimited number of teams to compete against each other. View live on CyberGamer.


League System

Run your own round robin leagues. Teams can be separated into multiple divisions/groups. View live on CyberGamer.


Tournaments System

Run either once off tournaments or daily/weekly/monthly tournaments. Supporting Single Elimination, Double Elimination and Swiss Format. View live on CyberGamer.


Match Automation

All matches are managed automatically via the website. Once two teams are entered into a match they are provided the relevant details and are able to play their match. Once completed they are prompted to enter the scores or dispute the match, the system will automatically handle the result.


Monthly Subscription Service

Allow your users to subscribe to a monthly subscription service, allowing them to access resticted features (larger forum signatures, enhanced profiles etc). View live on CyberGamer.


PUG System

Allow your users to compete in local pick up game matches. View live on CyberGamer.


Support System

Offer a support system for your users to contact you with any issues they encounter. View live on CyberGamer.


Friends and instant chat

Users of your site can chat to their friends and be notified of their friends' activity. View Image


Multi-Platform Support

Separate your site into PC/XBOX/PlayStation/Other sections. Allowing your users to receive a customized experience based on their prefered gaming platform.


Multi-region (advanced)

Separate your site even further into different geographical regions, giving each region it's own subdomain on your site. View CG AU and View CG EU


Payment System

Receive entry fees via Paypal or stripe.com for your ladders, leagues, tournaments and more.


Achievements and trophies

Your users are automatically rewarded with various achievements and trophies when they complete milestones, such as winning their first match. View live on CyberGamer.


Sponsors and Banners

Integrate your sponsors and advertisers advertising material into the relevant pages of your website.



Run your own community forum for your users. View live on CyberGamer.